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Boron in Your Water?

We have a solution

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Selectively remove boron to the grower’s specified average concentration.  A performance guarantee will be provided, and there will be no charge for water that exceeds the maximum allowable boron concentration.  

Minimal Capital

Flexible Water Purchase Agreement that requires minimal capital up front.  The removal unit will be furnished, installed, and operated as part of the contract price per acre foot, including the management of chemicals and brine.  The owner provides a slab, enclosure, and utilities. 


Water Purchase Agreement terms are flexible, with some minimum parameters including a minimum term of 3 years, a minimum water volume of 500 acre-feet per year, and a minimum delivery period depending on the details of the project. 


Construction Plans

Step 1: Test and Consult

Contact us to arrange for a project consultation.  Rob Miller at (805) 544-4011 We will review your project specifics and discuss your water quality and volume objectives.  BoronX can review existing water quality data, or arrange for sampling at a local lab.

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Step 2: Site Visit

BoronX staff will visit your project site to explain our process and equipment involved, as well as determine if any physical project constraints exist. 


Step 3: Installation

We will act as general contractor to construct the treatment facilities for your project.  Using DK Tech, Our optimized Boron Removal and Residuals Management System.  You don’t have to worry about permitting, construction, or commissioning.  We take care of it for you.


Step 4: Better Yields

BoronX staff will own, operate, and maintain the treatment equipment, allowing you the freedom to manage your crops and not have to worry about water treatment.  Leave the water treatment to the water treatment professionals.



For decades our water resources department has regularly been asked, “Is there any way to remove Boron from water?”  This is usually questioned by farmers of expensive crops like grapes, avocados, and citrus. The quick answer is, yes.  But… it is a very expensive process. On the face of it Boron seems like a not so harmful element but, in reality, small quantities can have deleterious effects on crop yield.

One of the first steps in determining if a parcel of land could be viable as a farm is conducting a water study. If high levels of Boron are found it can be a deal-killer. Wallace Group water resources engineers Rob Miller, Shannon Jessica, and Bryan Childress will be brought in to solve this unsolvable problem.  The issue is that the cost per acre-foot is well north of $1,000. “We’ve done studies and they all come to the same conclusion,” says Rob Miller, “It is physically possible to remove boron but it is not cost-effective.”

Why does it cost so much to remove Boron? You can remove it with a very expensive resin which is similar to a home water softener. Miller says he has never seen a large agricultural scale system implemented. Yet, Miller, Jessica and Childress have continued looking for solutions. At every water industry conference, this is the first question they pose to other water experts. For decades this search for the holy grail has been fruitless. 

Then everything changed. A chance encounter with a Danish technology representative on another project led Miller to his answer. This representative knew someone who could help, a year later Miller receives a call from a Danish technology firm working on this very problem and now are partnering with Wallace Group  to prove this concept.  

Wallace Group began to look at this Danish technology. Now with a Danish EPA grant, MST-117-00691 we are able to move forward.  In essence it optimizes the resin, introduces efficiencies into the liquid byproduct management process, and where cost effective, separates the liquid streams into solid, reusable commodities.  One is gypsum and the other is calcium borate. Commodities that are used in agriculture. Gypsum addition is part of the everyday routine of an agriculturalist to keep soil porous. It’s a soil conditioner. Calcium borate is needed to help many species survive.

This is a game-changer. The costs start to pencil out in favor of getting rid of Boron. It is possible to deliver water as a finished product at a reasonable cost. So far Wallace Group has executed two letters of intent with growers to prove this theory in real-world conditions. This will enable us to bring fresh data and options to farmers throughout California.






Year Established

CA Agriculture Economy

Gallons Per Minute

Costs Per Acre ft



Free Evaluation

Send us detailed water chemistry and annual water use information for a free evaluation of boron removal. 

Send data to

Additional Concerns

Boron selective system may require pre-treatment of other constituents in the source water, including iron, manganese, organics, and turbidity.  As part of our free evaluation, we will identify any source water issues of concern.

Owner's Specs

Boron can be removed to the owner’s specification, even at higher levels.  While the cost per acre-foot increases at higher concentrations of Boron, the cost increase depends on a number of factors, and therefore a site specific free evaluation is recommended.





Get a quote: 805-544-4011


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